Geography vision and rationale

At Bury, our geography curriculum includes all elements of the National Curriculum and goes beyond what is stipulated too.  Across the school, children will study units with a focus on  'space and place', 'proximity and distance', 'scale and connection' and 'relational thinking'. The geographical and fieldwork skills that the chlidren learn and use progress and build over their time at Bury. ​Because the units of learning build on each other, there will always be some retrieval work from previous years which serves to stregthen their knowledge and act as building blocks for new leanring.
Each unit of learning ​starts with a fertile question which the children will aim to answer by the end of the unit.  Where a cross curricular link makes sense, it has been made. For example in Sparrowhawks class, the children learn about Rome and Pompeii in history and therefore learn about volcanoes in the same term.
Each unit plan has key vocabulary with agreed definitions which are used in knowledge organisers and flashcards.
The South Downs is key focus for our geography and is covered yearly in our Brilliant Bury unit in each class as well as it being compared to other areas around the UK, Europe and the world.
We are currently on the second year of a new 2 year cycle and new knowledge organisers will be added as teachers plan the units.​​​