Phonic support for parents

Sounds-Write phonics
In EYFS and Key Stage 1 at Bury School we teach phonics daily using the Sounds-Write systematic approach.
We have been using this scheme since early 2022..
This approach focuses on the sounds in the language and then moves to the written word.  Due to the nature of the programme only accredited members of staff are allowed to deliver the lessons using a structured, supportive script.  This lessens the cognitive load for children and enables them to focus solely on the phonic learning. 
The key principles are:
  • Letters are used to spell individual sounds (one sound at a time, left to right on the page)
  • Each sound may be spelled by one or more letters e.g. cat, ship, night, weight
  • Sounds may be written in more than one way e.g. playgategreaand rain
  • Many spellings represent more than one sound e.g. the spelling <ea> can represent the sounds: seat, head, brea
Please find below the presentation from the parent meeting.