OFSTED and Results Tables

Following Lock Down in March 2020 all Primary National assessments were cancelled. These restarted in 21/22 but the data from them is not being made public due to the varying level of impact from Covid on both individual and school level data. 
National Assessments in small schools such as ours where the data is statistically insignificant makes any local or national comparison unreliable. I.e. We have had years of both 100% and 0% because of the size of the cohorts and the individual needs of the children within them. You will find on most national links our information is either greyed out or says 'SUPP' (meaning suppressed) due to our small cohort sizes.  
Please find below information on Ofsted and church reports for the school and the 2019 Foundation Stage (Reception) and KS2 SATs results. The previous results are not published as the cohort sizes are too small and therefore statistically unreliable. This is the same for 2019 KS1 results.