Diversity Awareness Day

Diversity Awareness Day
As part of our learning about difference and celebrating what makes us special and unique, each year we choose a disability to create a 'spotlight' on.  The first year we took inspiration from one of our pupils who was keen to share and raise awareness about Autism and since then Diversity Awareness Day has become an annual event here at Bury.
School stages autism awareness day with a difference.
(July 2022)
When a student joined Bury CE Primary, they told head teacher Thomas Moore they were autistic and were happy for others to know. They told Mr Moore they loved Queen, and asked if they could have a day themed around the band.
Mr Moore suggested making it an autism awareness event, with a Queen theme.  The school's class representatives agreed it was a good idea.  There were requests to learn some songs with music teacher, Mr Mott and requests to dress up as either members of Queen or as their favourite rock stars.  There would also be an assembly where they would explain what autism was like for them as "it's different for different people and I want to explain what it's like for me.". 
Mr Moore said "The children were very supportive of the idea, and suggested this could be the first of an annual disability awareness day where we celebrate a different disability each time.  On the day itself, we were blown away with the support - I can only imagine what parents must have thought when they first read we were having a Queen day.  It was amazing to see their response on the day and to hear the laughter and enthusiasm as we opened the school gates."

School stages another successful diversity awareness day. 

(Dyslexia - July 2023)

Following on from last year where Bury CE Primary school held its first diversity awareness day with a specific focus on autism, a date was set in the diary to make this an annual eventWith such a hard act to follow, Mrs Seymour set plans in motion for another diversity awareness day, however this year to focus on Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that mainly causes challenges with reading, writing and spelling.  The theme this year for the pupils was based around people who inspire them or are their ‘hero’. 

Mrs Seymour said “The children were very keen to celebrate again, and a buzz of excitement filled the school in preparation for the dayOn the day itself, we were thrilled to see the effort families had gone to so that their children could dress as their inspirationHeroes ranged from midnight ninjas, footballers, police officers to parents, teachers and many more in-between.” 

During the assembly the children were amazed to discover how many famous people have dyslexia and how creative they areWhen asked if the children felt it was good to raise awareness of diversity and the challenges others experience the response was overwhelmingOne child said “It helps us to understand why some people might struggle and what we can do to help make the struggles lessIf someone has Dyslexia, we just need to offer to help with a spelling or help read a word.”  Another child summed it up beautifully, “We just need to make sure we are being a good friend and share our skills with each other, after all no one is good at everything, we all need help sometimes.”  

The date is already in the diary for next year, plenty of time to decide on an outfit that befits such an important event that has become a cornerstone at Bury to compassion and understanding of what makes every child, and indeed everyone, so special and unique.