Dear Parents,

School Meals


I am writing to ask for your help in supporting the school to order the right number of free school meals and universal infant free school meals so that we can avoid over ordering and reduce food and packing waste that affect the school budget.


Any child of primary school age is eligible for a free school meal if a parent is in receipt of specific state benefits such as income support, job seekers allowance, employment support allowance, or child tax credit and income below £16,190 per annum. If you are in receipt of these benefits you will need to request a free school meal eligibility check by completing an application form that is available from the school office, by emailing fsm@westsussex.gov.uk,or by downloading the form from https://www.westsussex.gov.uk/education-children-and-families/schools-and-colleges/free-school-meals/#how-to-apply_tab


If your eligibility is confirmed it also means that the school will receive pupil premium grant to provide additional educational support to help your child to do well at school. This can be spent on a range of different things to benefit your child, including school trips, music lessons, after school sporting activities etc.


If you are not in receipt of these benefits but your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, your child can receive Universal Infant Free School Meals but it is helpful if you tell the school office that you want the meal so that we can order the correct number of meals and therefore cut down on food wastage. School meals comply with School Food Standards, food safety and health and safety requirements. Hot meals are provided in nearly all schools. The meals are ordered by the school then delivered, cooked, served and cleared away by contract staff. From the school’s point of view, it would be helpful if eligible children take a free or universal infant meal every day because this simplifies our ordering and reduces food and packaging waste. Contractors provide meals on a three or four week menu cycle which changes twice per year.  If your child has a medically prescribed diet, please let us know if you are eligible for a free meal or UIFSM, or the contractor if you are paying for the meal. In either case, the contractor will provide a specific menu plan for your child.


If you are not in receipt of the free school meal benefits specified above and your child is in Year 3 and above and is therefore not eligible for the universal infant free school meal, you can order and pay for a meal on line directly with the contractor, or provide a packed lunch for your child. Here is the link to paid meals arrangements for primary age children at our school https://westsussex.mealselector.co.uk/ We cannot order paid meals on your behalf.


Yours sincerely


Mrs D Clark

School Business Manager