Rother Valley Schools

Bury CE Primary is part of the Rother Valley network of small schools. We work closely together, which means we have all the benefits of working as part of a large team, sharing expertise across our many schools, whilst also ensuring we hold onto the special characteristics of our unique small schools.
Here at Bury, we are responsible for facilitating CPD across the locality looking specifically at how we can use research to further improve the quality of teaching and learning we provide. Below you will see some of the resources used by the staff as part of their continuing professional development.
The video below is our third session looking at successful implementation. The video below that is looking at cognitive science and the curriculum. There is then a further video looking at metacognition.
An introduction to Cognitive Load Theory and Retrieval Practice with Durrington Research School.
In our second session with the team at Durrington, we moved on to look at applying Retrieval Practice within a Curriculum Context - with a particular focus on English and History.