University of Leeds

Following interest in our 'Leave Only Footprints' topic, we were contacted by two scientists from the University of Leeds who were researching the potential impact of the introduced Wall Lizard to our native Sand Lizard.
Bury has a colony of Wall Lizards so this is a species the children have seen around. We agreed to host the scientists whilst they conducted some observations, we were even lucky enough to get involved in the project with them.
Our children may all be under 12 but they are already involved in groundbreaking real life science!
Joel Dixon, the lead researcher was really impressed by the children and what we are doing here,
“The combination of practical wildlife project engagement and opportunity to discuss conservation issues here at Bury School is building both an interest in ecology and conservation. There is a real sense of a conservation minded community of pupils and teachers, and it is very encouraging that the pupils here are already discussing conservation issues, thinking critically and scientifically."