Maths Scaffolds for Learning

Scaffolds for Learning

Scaffolds for Learning are the methods of support that we give the children in school and at home. We use a variety of approaches to reinforce the knowledge and skills that we want our children to learn.  Below is a selection of the activities that we use.

Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract Approach
In maths, we know that teaching new concepts starting with a physical representation or manipulative helps the children get to grips with the concept more quickly. We then move on to teaching the concept using pictures and diagrams and then finally we teach the concept using numbers, words and more abstract diagrams. This approach is called CPA - concrete, pictorial and abstract. The video below demonstrates this really clearly.
Times Tables Rock Stars
Times Tables are vital for the children to learn. Moving these facts into their long term memories means that they will free up working memory to learn new concepts and to problem solve.
Alongside classroom activities we use the app 'Times Tables Rockstars' from Year 1. This provides a fun and exciting way to practice traditional times tables as well as the associated division facts. The children have regular chances to use the app in school but we also ask for it to be used at home. 
We run weekly competitions within each class and across school for the fastest, most coins earned and most accurate pupils.
At the end of Year 4 the children will complete the national Time Tables Check assessment and all children should be confident in their times tables up to 12 x 12 by then.
Each child has their own individual login.
Rapid Recall Boards
We know that regularly recalling information that the children have learned is one of the best ways of making them learn it. Rapid Recall boards are used in school to help the children retrieve mathematical methods and facts that they have previously learned in school.
In Year 1 and 2 the children use an app call Numbots which helps them revise and retrieve basic number facts like subitising, number bonds and addition and subtraction. This app is used in school as well as at home and the children have individual logins.
In Early Years, we use the BBC programme and resources called Numberblocks. It helps the children build a natural number sense and a solid foundation of mathematical understanding.
There are brilliant activities online as well as a really useful app.