Languges - Latin

We have chosen to teach Latin at Bury as etymology and vocabulary are key to our teaching.
We follow a primary Latin course called 'Minimus' which has been written by classics experts from Cambridge. 
In Year 5 and 6 the children learn Latin each year and in Year 3 and 4 the children learn some basics alongside their Roman history unit.
You can read more about Minimus here 
The aims of the course are to:
-introduce pupils to a real Roman family who lived in Vindolanda near Hadrians's Wall.
-complement the KS2 work on Romans in History
-give pupils a taste of the language that was so influentail on the development of many other languages
-learn first and secind declensions of nouns and verbs in the present tense.
-help children enjoy Latin and reading it aloud.
-help support English grammar and vocabulary and understanding of English.
Each lesson covers a picture story, new vocabulary, retrieval of vocabulary from previous sessions, grammar, Latin roots, mythology and some information about life in Roman Britain.
Book 1 lesson sequence
1. Introductions and greetings, nouns
2. Food and entertaining, adjectives
3. Slaves, verbs
4. Education and writing, nouns, adjectives and verbs
5. Britons and Candidus' experiences, adverbs
6.  A trip to Eboracum, consolidation
7.  The Roman army, imperatives
8.  Roman baths, doctors, adverbs and imperatives
9.  Roman army life, prepositions
10. Jewellery, clothes and cosmetics, conjunctions
11. Death and burial, subject and objects
12. Religion, revision