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27th May 2017

Ten Pin Bowling

Harley is an avid ten pin bowler and belongs to Chichester Youth Bowling Club where he regularly competes in National competitions. 

The annual 'BTBA Nationals' competition held in Dunstable which takes place over a two week period finished at the end of May.

Competitors from all over the country bowl in singles, doubles and all- events which total 9 games per bowler.

Harley was this year in the 'Bantam' age bracket and believed to have been the youngest in this age division as he is still only 8 years old, up against some 10 year old boys.

He bowled on a particularly difficult oil lane pattern this year but bowled an average of 121.7 over the 9 games with his highest score on the day being a 145.

At the end of the competition Harley took a silver, second place medal in the doubles event, missing out on a gold medal by only 7 pins over the 3 games.

This is an amazing achievement for him as he had to cope with not only the physical demands of bowling with a 10lb bowling ball all day, but competing against much older boys in his division.

Harley finished 7th out of the 28 boys in his division over the 9 complete games!