Our Class Summer Term Cycle A 2024

Sparrowhawk Class
Welcome to Year 3 & 4's class page
Our teachers are Miss Willett Monday to Thursday and Mrs Barnes (while Mrs Gammon is on maternity leave) Monday afternoons and Friday all day.  Our Teaching Assistant is Ms. Capel.

Welcome to Sparrowhawk Class this summer term!  We are a mixed class of 15 year 3 children and 12 year 4 children.


Weekly things to note:


Swimming - Tuesday Mornings

Please send your child to school with their swimming costumes on under their school uniform. They need a bag containing a towel, a swimming hat goggles and underwear, plus a hair bush if needed. We will be leaving promptly at 08:55 to swim at Dorset House School at 09:30. 

The dates are as follows:

4th June

11th June

18th June

25th June

2nd July



  • Reading books and records need to be in school everyday. They will be checked, and changed on a Monday. Class dojos will be awarded for every recorded read in reading records each week with a maximum of 7 dojos to be awarded each week for reading every day. Large comments do not need to be made, as long as the date, book title and adult initials are logged. Children can read to themselves if they are confident readers. This can just be initialed in reading records by an adult.
  • P.E and Bury Rangers is on a Wednesday. Please come dressed in P.E clothes and bring Bury Rangers clothing and shoes in a bag to change into after lunch.
  • Homework (spelling and math) is given out on a Friday due back in by Tuesday the following week.


Other things to note 
 School uniform
Reading books changed
Reading records checked


School Uniform 
Swimming costume under clothes + bag with towel, goggles, swimming hat and underwear.
 Homework due in 
P.E clothes
Bring Bury Rangers clothes in a bag (long sleeves, long trousers, school shoes and wellies or walking boots to change into) 


 School uniform 


School uniform
Math and spelling  homework given out 


Spellings and phonics 

We use the Key Stage 2 spelling scheme 'Sounds and Syllables' this term. This is a specific spelling scheme which focuses on splitting words into their syllables to help spell them accurately. Children will draw upon their phonic knowledge from Sounds Write and apply this to spell longer words. Every week they will spend 4 days learning a particular spelling pattern and some example words that demonstrate this spelling pattern. On a Friday, they will bring a list of 10 of these words home to practise.

Mrs Gammon will also teach spellings on a Friday and will focus on the Y3/4 statutory spelling list, 5 words at a time. They will be taught these on a Friday and practise them every morning at 08:40 when they arrive at school. 

Please see this half term's overview to see the spelling patterns mapped out week by week. 


Homework expectations 


The children bring home a list of 10 spellings on a Friday to practise at home. This also communicates with you what their spellings have been that week. We will not test them on these words. If they do choose to complete the spelling homework, please encourage them to verbally split the word accurately into its syllables and spell each syllable individually using phonic knowledge. They can bring this back to school if they wish or keep them at home. 


The children are expected to read at home every day for 5 minutes, preferably out loud to an adult. The children have a yellow reading record where their reading must be logged every day. In the back of their reading record is a fold out which has questions and discussion starters to use during or at the end of reading. Reading, and questions/responses should be logged in the reading record dated and initialled. Dojos will be awarded to children who read at home regularly. Please ensure that their reading record and school reading book (if they are on a coloured book band) are in school everyday. We use these to listen to the children read. 

Times Tables Practice 

The children are expected to spend 5 minutes every day on Times Tables Rockstars to practise their times tables recall. The children earn certificates, awarded in Monday afternoon assemblies, under these categories 'most coins earned', 'increase in accuracy' and 'increase in correct answers'. The children get to dress up as rockstars, wear rockstar wigs, hold inflatable guitars and pose for a rockstar photograph when they receive a 1st place certificate.  

Please could year 4 children complete at least 1 soundcheck game 4 days a week as this resembles the multiplication check they will be doing in June and will give them an opportunity to become familiar with the layout.  

Maths homework sheets 

These sheets of approximately 5 questions will be based on the maths learning for that week. They are not differentiated, all children in the class will receive the same questions. This homework is optional and can be completed independently or together with a parent. The mark schemes are attached so you are able to mark the homework with them. This can provide a good opportunity to discuss any misconceptions they have. If you have any concerns about your child’s ability to complete the homework regularly, please raise this with me. As mentioned, the homework is optional and also provides you, as parents, an idea of what they have been learning in maths that week. The sheets will be given out on a Friday and collected during the week after.  


Class Dojo 

Class Dojo is a reward system we use alongside another behaviour system called Good to be Green. Class dojo is an online platform where parents can be involved and notified when their child has received a dojo for something positive in school, and what they have achieved it for. Please let me know if you need any help accessing this.  


Good to be Green 

Good to be Green is a behaviour system in which all children begin each day with a green card. The children are given a verbal warning about their behaviour if appropriate. If they continue to disrupt or break a school rule, they will be given a yellow card. The consequence of this is that they must spend part of their next play time reflecting on their choices either verbally or written. If a behaviour continues, the child will be given a red card. This means they will be asked to see Mr Moore and a phone call will be made home. 



Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in the classroom every day. 

Please only send lunch boxes, water bottles, reading books and coats to school. Please do not send pencil cases into school. We provide all the stationary they need. Quite a lot of jumpers and cardigans went missing last term, please could you check that names haven’t washed out of the labels so we can help reunite them with their owners.  

Summer Term Knowledge Organisers