Autumn Term (2) 2023 Learning in Kestrel Class

Autumn (2nd half) term 2023 



This half term we will be working on letter writing, early story writing skills and instruction writing.

In English, we will be writing to entertain using the story book 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper, writing recipe instructions and rewriting the story.

We will also be writing letters to Father Christmas.


  For our spellings we will focus on a pattern each fortnight linked to our Sounds Write phonics. The children will be asked to find it in their reading and use it in their writing.   


We ask you to hear your child read 5 times a week. I know how difficult this is – but there are often little slots of time when they can read to you – while you are cooking/ironing/ washing up or of course snuggled on the sofa or in bed.   

The children have a yellow reading record where their reading must be logged everyday. This can be logged with a comment or just a signature. Dojos will be rewarded for children who read at home on five separate occasions.   


In Maths we use Mastering Number, aimed at strengthening the understanding of number, and fluency with number facts, among children in the first three years of school and Maths No Problem. Please make sure your child plays on Numbots (all children) and TTRockstars (for Year 1 Spring term onwards) five times a week for 10 minutes – the more regularly they play, the better they will get.  

         Y2 - Addition and subtraction

Y1 - Number bonds, greater than & less than,  addition within 10


History - Ourselves


Science - Seasons, human body,


P.E - Multi-skills including:

Listening skills, travelling/movement (jumping, running,  balancing), small equipment games (throwing, catching, co-ordination)


Art and Design - Simple print making

Explore simple ways to make a print. Use line, shape, colour and texture to explore pattern, sequencing and symmetry.


R.E. - Judaism

Why is learning to do good deeds so important to Jewish people? 


Computing - Computer systems and networks

Technology around us.


Design & Technology - seasonal cooking


RHE - Relationships and sex education

Worries & asking for help, body privacy and saying yes or no (pants rule), private and privacy, feeling happy and sad, changes in growth, differences and similarities. 


Music - Seasonal song

Traditional Nativity



Here at Bury we follow Sounds Write phonic programme.  We teach 30 minute phonic session daily. 

 Y1 – spelling families – first spellings /oe/, /er/, /e/, /ow/
Y2 – spelling families – more spellings /ee/, /i/, /oe/

What to wear 

On a Wednesday, the children will have PE and will need to come to school wearing PE kit including jogging bottoms or leggings (plain is preferable), their green P.E t-shirt, their school jumper and sports trainers or plimsolls.  

On a Thursday, the children will have Bury Rangers and will need to come to school wearing their Bury Rangers clothes.  This must be suitable shoes such as wellies or walking boots, long trousers (no jeans please as these take too long to dry), a long sleeved top, a jumper and a waterproof coat. Waterproof trousers are also recommended.  

Dates of importance 

 INSET – Monday 30th October 2023

Tuesday 31st October - First day for children 

Everybody Read - Friday 3rd November at 2.50 till 3.15

Remembrance at Church (Children only) - Friday 10th November

FOBS Lego workshop- Friday 1st December

Splash assembly - Wednesday 6th December at 2.45 - everybody welcome

 Nativity – Tuesday 12th December at 9.30am or 2.00pm

If you have any queries feel free to either chat with me at the end of the school day or email using the class email ( and I will endeavour to email a response back as soon as possible.