Welcome to Year 5 and 6!

Welcome to Buzzard Class! 
We are a Year 5 and 6 Class and our teacher is Mrs. Braun.  Our Teaching Assistant is Mr. Gatrell.
Mrs. Braun teaches us all week. On Tuesday, we do Bury Rangers with Mr. Gatrell. This is a bit like forest schools but we also learn other curriculum things too for example in the autumn term we will be learning to cook seasonal food over the fire and learning wassail songs in preparation for the wassail celebration in January, and in the summer we will be learning maypole dancing and creating sculpture for our outside areas.

In English, Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll and Azzizi and the Little Blue Bird. Please don’t run out and buy them until we have finished the unit though – I need to keep them in suspense until the end! 

Our spellings will be introduced on a Monday and we will focus on a pattern each week. The children will be asked to find it in their reading, use it in their writing and look at the root words within as well.  Please make sure that your child plays Spelling Shed  daily for a few minutes at home as this will really improve their fluency and confidence.  

Our key ‘home learning’ will be reading. We ask you to hear your child read 5 times a week. I know how difficult this is – but there are often little slots of time when they can read to you – while you are cooking/ironing/ washing up or of course snuggled on the sofa or in bed.  When children get to year 5 and 6, they often prefer to read to themselves, we of course we encourage, but reading to an adult helps them in so many ways. You can pick up incorrect pronunciation, question their understanding, discuss the story.  


In Maths we will continue to cover the year 5 and 6 curriculum and will be incorporating regular investigations and problem solving.  The curriculum tells us that our children should know all (up to 12) of their times tables by the end of Year 4, and so we really want them to be confident and fast at recall of these. Please make sure your child plays on the ‘studio’ part of Times Tables Rock Stars several times a week – the more regularly they play, the better they will get. 

 Please see the Buzzard half termly newsletter for what they children will be learning this term.

What to wear

On a Tuesday, the children will have Bury Rangers and will need to come to school wearing their Bury Rangers clothes.  

On a Monday, the children will have outside PE and will need to come to school wearing PE kit including dark blue or black jogging bottoms or leggings and their school jumper. 

What to bring to school

Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in the classroom everyday – they are emptied at night, so don’t need to take them home until a Friday. They will need an additional water bottle in their lunchbox if they are having packed lunch.  

 When to arrive

Buzzard class will start school at 8.40 - please bring your child to the playground to drop them off. At the end of the day, please wait by the outside door to the classroom and I will send the children to you at 3.15. At each end of the day, please be prompt. 


We are continuing to use the Good to be Green behaviour system and Class Dojo to reward children for demonstrating both our school and Christian values.  In the Good to be Green system, if a child makes a wrong choice we will give 2 verbal warnings – being specific about which rule has been broken- then a yellow card. If a child receives a yellow card then they will have to miss some of the net playtime to complete a reflection sheet with an adult. If the child continues to break the rules or is violent, then a red card will be given. This means that the child will be spoken to be Mr. Moore and you will be called to discuss the behaviour.  


The Knowledge Organisers for this term can be found here. They are to help children remember and revise the key information for each subject.