Fire Engine Visit

Visit from the Fire Emergency Services
We had a very special visit from the fire emergency service.  We found out they help people and animals in other situations not just when there is a fire. 
Lucy showed us the protection clothing she has to wear and why she has to wear it.  She only has 1 minute and 15 seconds to put the clothing on!
James explained how we can keep ourselves safe in the car and how we need to make sure we take our rubbish home with us when we go on a picnic or go to the beach.
We also had an opportunity to see a fire engine close up, use a water hose to knock the tennis ball off the cone, look through an infrared camera and sit in the cab of the fire engine.
It was a very exciting visit.  Thank you so much to Storrington Fire station crew for taking time out of your day to enable this visit to happen.